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Loree Johnson

"I experience profound joy in nature, and believe that all people should have the opportunity to experience it, too."

Hover your mouse over the photos to see the bird names and photographer credit. Click any photo to view the slide show at your leisure.

Loree Johnson is a nature photographer and passionate advocate for the preservation and restoration of ecosystems and wildlife habitat. She discovered a love for photography late in life at the age of 50 while living in Yreka, California. The desire to travel and document nature induced her to take an early retirement from a tedious desk job and go on the road. During her travels through the Western U.S. for six years (2014-2020) she collected a wealth of rewarding experiences and unique photographs. She volunteered for several National Wildlife Refuges along the way. During a stop in Tulelake, California en route to a volunteer position on the Oregon Coast, she was inspired to make the Klamath Basin her permanent home. After completing the volunteer assignment, she returned to the area and began searching for a place to live. It took nearly two years, but she finally settled in Dorris, California. Her goal is to further the cause of restoring the Klamath Basin ecosystem, including its wildlife refuges, to their former glory, in hopes that future photographers will have opportunities to experience the incredible and diverse wildlife and habitats of the region.

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